Sorghum Malt Mash Profile #3

A high efficiency experimental mash regimen but IMHO not one I would use due to complexity and time.

92% mash efficiency!

10lbs Sorghum Malt FINELY milled.

4gal Strike water to 145° 15ml Ondea 15ml Ceremix 

A: Mash in at 145° rest 60min. 

B: Raise to 165° rest 60min. (1.030)

C: add 10 ml Teramyl 

D: Ramp to 195° on 65% power. (45 minute ramp) (1.045)

E: Rest at 195° for 60min. (1.060) 

F: Set temp control to 165° and let cool. (Took about 60 min to cool)

G: re-pitch Ondea and Ceremix 

H: Rest at 165° 60 min (1.075) 

I: Sparge with ambient temperature water to 5 gal.

Pre boil gravity 1.061

Pre boil volume 5gal

Grist 10lbs Sorghum Malt 33ppg

Mash Ph 5.3

92% mash efficiency. 

Ramp to boil 

1/2oz Cluster @ 30 min

1oz Amarillo 1/2oz Centennial @ 10 min

1oz Amarillo 1/2oz Centennial fermenter 

4.5 gal 

Og 1.063

Brewhouse efficiency 95%

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