Miller Malts Flavor Profiles January 2024

These tasting notes from a BJCB Certified brewing friend should help shine some light one the various flavors and some suggested applications for Miller Malts.

Pilsner Rice

Pils character crispness like pils malt cracked corn touch of vanilla “tastes like pils wort”

Pale Rice

More Aromatic than pils, husky rice character, baking flour, similar to 2 row American malt, Maris otter, toffee,

Pale Ale

Toasty bread, brown ale english ale/beer English 2 row Malt, British Mild, digmins pale, caramel, most barley like😉


Most best aroma distinctly malty. Golden Graham’s, cereal flavor. honey, higher extraction.

Dark Munich

Caramel Malt, dark malt, toasty, toffee, maillard reaction flavors, roasty

Düsseldorf alt beer, English mild, scotch ale, Irish red, English Brown,

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