December 7, 2020

Bards Sorghum Malt
Bards Sorghum Malt

Gluten Free Brew Supply has teamed up with Bards Beer to bring their proprietary malt to the home brewer. 

Malted Sorghum has some distinct advantages over un-malted Sorghum. There is a significant reduction or elimination in the “Twang” many experience with Sorghum Syrup. Malting activates the natural enzymes and begins the conversion of starch into the sugars necessary for brewing.  

Advantages of brewing with Sorghum Malt.

Sorghum Malt is reported to have a higher PPG value than millet. The larger grain size Of Sorghum also means it is easier to run through a standard grain mill and promises less difficulty when mashing with a standard false bottom. 

Sorghum Malt offers a cost advantage to the brewer. 

Gluten Free Brew Supply will be able to offer Bards Sorghum Malt at a lower price/lb to home brewers compared to Millet Malt. This lower price in addition to the higher extract potential promises to put more GF Beer in your fridge for less money. Being Celiac is expensive as it is. The chance to reduce the cost of our GF Beer is exciting to say the least.

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What is Truly Gluten-Free™?

Did you know products can be labeled “gluten-free” even if they contain potentially harmful traces of gluten? That’s something Craig Belser just can’t stomach. So, the diagnosed Celiac and founder of Bard’s™ has created a higher standard to eliminate the ambiguity that surrounds gluten-free products.

Introducing Truly Gluten-Free™ — the newest, highest standard for gluten-free beverages and food, and the only way to know that a product is completely free of harmful levels of gluten. And more importantly, absolutely safe.

Truly Gluten-Free™ products are never made with any wheat, barley, rye or oats. It’s the only way to truly guarantee that no gluten ever ends up in the finished product.

Truly Gluten-Free™ products must pass multiple lab tests and be independently verified by a third party. At no point in the process is the gluten ever removed. Without wheat, barley rye or oats, gluten is never present in the first place.

Truly Gluten-Free™ is more than just a claim. It’s a belief that stands for honesty and integrity. That brands should mean what they say. And that everyone deserves a product that’s as safe as it is delicious.

What Does Truly Gluten-Free™ Mean for Bard’s?

Quite simply, Truly Gluten-Free™ means everyone can finally enjoy a great-tasting beer with zero fear of getting “glutened”. It’s not rocket science. It’s simply the way it should be.

Bard’s Sorghum Malt Beer is Truly Gluten-Free™ and We’re Happy to Prove it.

Since Bard’s controls the process from planting of the first seed through malting, brewing and canning, we are confident our beer is Truly Gluten-Free™. And, to give you peace of mind, each batch of Bard’s is tested by an independent lab using the latest testing methodology for gluten content.










Gluten-Free Test Result FAQs

What is BLQ?

BLQ stands for “Below the Limit of Quantitation.” In other words, not enough for the equipment to detect. The test can detect as small an amount as 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten. Anything below this level is considered BLQ. 

What is the test, and where is it conducted?

The Food Allergen Residue test is conducted at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. The test is the R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® FAST Gliadin, which is equally cross-reactive with gluten for wheat, barley, rye and oats.

What is the limit to be considered “gluten-free”?

In the United States, Canada and the EU, a food or beverage must be below 20 ppm gluten to be labeled as gluten-free.

Bard’s Beer is the Original Sorghum Malt Beer…which makes Bard’s the original great-tasting gluten-free beer, too.

Our secret comes from malting our special sorghum grain, which ensures that our beer is Truly Gluten-Free™ (no wheat, barley, rye or oats), before it is perfectly brewed.

Unlike “gluten reduced” beers that actually make their beer with wheat and barley, Bard’s Beer is brewed with sorghum, a 100% gluten-free grain, grown in contaminant-free fields. To accomplish this, we’ve built partnerships with local farmers who focus their time on growing the highest quality sorghum for Bard’s.

From there, these precious ingredients enter the brewery, where a team of expert brewers puts their brewing talents and passion for delicious beer to work for Bard’s. There are safety and flavor checks at every point of our malting and brewing processes, guaranteeing you get the Truly Gluten-Free™ beer you deserve.

The end result?

All the crisp, refreshing flavor you crave – with no gluten, and no compromises.

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