Horner Bier 100% Oat Malt Beer?

Horner Bier 100% Oat Malt Beer?

November 2, 2020

I found an article and recipe for Horner Bier. A traditional old Austrian 100% Oat Malt Beer.



Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters) 

Brewhouse efficiency: 72% 

OG: 1.034 

FG: 1.008 

IBUs: 10 

ABV: 3.4%


8.6 lb (3.9 kg) oat malt 

4.3 lb (2 kg) rice hulls


0.68 oz (19 g) Saaz [3.75% AA] at 60 minutes 

0.35 oz (10 g) cream of tartar at 60 minutes


White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kölsch or similar strain, such as Fermentis SafAle K-97


Mill the oats, mix with the rice hulls, and mash at 153°F (67°C) for about 60 minutes, or until fully converted. Run off into the kettle, sparging and topping up as necessary to obtain 6 gallons (23 l) of wort—or more, depending on your evaporation rate. Boil for 60 minutes, adding hops and cream of tartar at the start of the boil. After the boil, chill to about 68°F (20°C), aerate well, and pitch the yeast. Ferment at 68°F (20°C) until complete, then package and carbonate.

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