Duvid 1919 EZ Lager

Duvid 1919 EZ Lager

Duvid 1919 EZ Lager

3.3 lbs Sorghum Syrup

3.3 lbs Brown Rice Syrup

1 lb Buckwheat or Pale Oat Malt

1 lb Caramel Oat Malt

1 oz Paradigm Hops

Lager Yeast


Bring 2 gallons water to 150f add grains and steep at 150 for 60min. Remove grains and heat water towards  boil, stir in Sorghum and Rice syrup. after hot break add 0.5 oz hops and boil 50 minutes. add 0.5 hops, whirlfloc and yeast nutrients and boil 10 minutes. Add cold water to achieve 5.5 gallons in fermenter. 

When wort is cool (about 45-55f) add lager yeast.

let ferment in cool dark place 14 days then package.

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